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Roar Lounge Pop-Up Stages

Roar Lounge Pop-Up Stages are In-House events conducted inside the lounge room of Supported Residential Service House (SRS), Rooming Houses and/or Community Drop-in Centers. A big thank you to Sacred Heart Mission (Queens Road), Acland Grange, and Scottsdale House for allowing us to host our Roar Lounge Pop-Up Events inside their quarters.

Sacred Heart Queens Rd Rooming House 10 th Anniversary         


Roarhouse v The State Film Premier at The Melbourne Documentary Festival


Film Link

In 2014, Roarhouse created a short film with it's performer members and volunteers. The film is titled Roarhouse v the State [2014]37 RVS 357. It is a mockumentary drama outlining Roarhouse’s trajectory, celebrating it's history from 2006-2012 and it draws awareness to the needs in our community to make arts and culture available to all people.

The story of Roarhouse unfolds in a courtroom through dramatizations, narratives, photographs and archived footage.


Film Launch and After Party

Roarhouse has pushed the button on their Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the launch of their captivating short film 'Roarhouse Vs The State 37 RVS 357. The film will be launched in November 2015.



Channel 31 TV Appearence and Interviews on 3CR

The roarhouse team whent into C31 and 3cr Radio studios, to give the latest "low down" on the massive film launch happening in November.



Radio Roarhouse has has ceased as of 2016, we will no longer be on the airwaves from 4pm – 6pm, on 98.9 North West FM

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